We build lives that not only consume but also create.

About MyAutobiography

All those that ended up writing there autobiographies did not know that one day they would get to do it.It is thus to be inferred that each of us is a *Prospect of Eminence.Where you currently are may also be a *Province of Eminence.You may thus emerge in your life as a Person of Eminence(*PoEm).

There are several social platforms that you consume or that consume you. Recent social media platforms have created valuations out of such captive mindshare as yours. Foremost,we would like to focus on your mindshare to defend your ability to create rather than merely remain consumed or submerged there.

MyAutobiography empowers you to account for and consolidate your own present in the face of a future and the backdrop of your abilities and the opportunities we provide.

In this digital age, it is possible to keep an account of your entire life. Foremost we consider it imperative that we provide you a digital identity or an individual digital real estate. An identity that lives with you through your life.

Life itself is a passage and the passing away of a person or moment from this life leaves no or marginal trace of that person or moment. All that one has today was once considered impossible, that includes each one of us.This is where you will fall in love with the idea of impossibility.

Go on and lyricise your lives..

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We are getting geared up to enable you to crank your life . Please keep checking here ..


Feel free to email us to connect and develop a Province of Eminence ( PoEm) with us, or simply write us a hello! to know more about how you can get a digital identity and a digital real estate on which you create yourself foremost.